Tuesday, May 27, 2008

An alternative to the SHMENUBAR resource

The SHMENUBAR resource is a pain. A real pain. Why is there no support for this on the VS 2005 / 2008 resource editor? This resource is actually quite powerful when it comes to defining the WM application menu and fine-tuning its appearance. But when you need to change something, you need to remember the string table IDs, the toolbar button options and all that.

Most WM applications I have seen so far use a popup menu attached to each of the menu bar buttons. If this is your case, you can forget about the SHMENUBAR resource and use the menu editor. Create a menu with two items and their popups on the resource editor. If you are using WTL, go to your CMainFrame::OnCreate method and instead of the simple




The IDR_MAINFRAME is your main menu ID. And that's all you need.

If you are using straight API calls, when calling the SHCreateMenuBar API, make sure that the dwFlags member of the SHMENUBARINFO contains the SHCMBF_HMENU flag and that nToolbarId contains your menu ID.

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ali said...

thank you for this post...
I searched everywhere, I couldn't find why the menubar doesn't show up.