Thursday, October 9, 2008

Oriented Dialogs and SP platform

Some new SP devices supports screen rotation (ex: HTC S7xx series) but all 'CStdOrientedDialog' classes are only supported for PPC platform in WTL8.0.
So i changed some WTL files to add those classes to SP too.
The only file to change is: 'atlwince.h'
If you want support also in wizard you need to change also: 'AppType.htm' and 'Platforms.htm' in 'AppWizMobile\Files\HTML\1033' folder.

You can find the modified files here

Bye :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

CStdDialogImpl and the OK button

Are using CStdDialogImpl as the base class for your WTL dialogs? Are you having difficulty hiding the "ok" button? Here's a simple solution:

Derive your dialog class (say CMyDialog) from


On the OnInitDialog handler, call:

SHDoneButton(m_hWnd, SHDB_HIDE);

Make sure you change all the calls to CStdDialogImpl<CMyDialog> methods with the new base (you can use a typedef for that).